Reimbursement Rules

  • If you are submitting a reimbursement to Donna you must fill out the form (located at the bottom of the page). Even for only one purchase
    • Donna will not spend time reminding you to submit everything she needs; meaning that you will not be reimbursed if you never turn in a correctly filled out request form
  • Follow the directions on the form or your request will be returned to you until you have done so
    • If you don’t want to fill out the form, don’t pay for anything you want to be reimbursed for
    • All fields on the form are required except “Poster Name” which only applies if you presented a poster or talk
    • Don’t give Donna a hard time. Reimbursements are not part of her job. She’s just nice enough to do them
  • You are responsible for knowing the Stanford rules about reimbursements
    • If you want to know if you will be able to be reimbursed for a specific charge, read the guidelines online including all links from the main page or call the financial support center (650-723-2772) BEFORE you make the purchase.
  • Your reimbursement must be submitted to Donna Galvez within 30 days of travel or to the Stanford Travel & Reimbursement office within 60 days of travel
    • If you don’t submit it to Donna in time you will have to submit your reimbursement to Stanford on your own. Do not expect help doing this.

How to Submit Reimbursements to Donna:

  • Print the form and any electronic receipts SINGLE-SIDED
  • Attach all receipts and/or bank statements to the back of the form using a paper clip -NO STAPLES
  • Receipts must include the last 4 digits of your credit card number and must NOT include alcohol
  • Submit the form to Donna Galvez electronically via email in addition to the print copy provided with receipts. (So Donna can copy and paste your descriptions in addition to having a paper record)
  • Only receipts matching those listed in the table will be considered for reimbursement
    • If receipts do not match what you are asking to be reimbursed for you must explain why in DETAIL (Ex: Changed flight costs do not match original reciepts)
  • The following types of reimbursements have special requirements:
    • Postdocs’ reimbursements—must include an attached student certification form. The transaction number may be left blank
    • Conference/meeting reimbursements—must include the distributed agenda for the conference or meeting
    • Gasoline reimbursements—must include a map-quest for mileage that starts AND ends at Stanford
    • STAP Fund reimbursements—provide a screenshot of your STAP funds from the main page which includes your first name
  • If you purchased something that is not explicitly covered nor explicitly not covered, provide an explanation for the charge in the justification or item description (Ex: Early flight check-in on southwest due to claustrophobia)
  • The total at the bottom of the form should reflect the exact amount you expect to be reimbursed for and must equal the sum of all the above lines
    • Exception-Reimbursements containing mileage should show the total you expect back plus mileage (Ex: $47.20 + mileage)

Reimbursement Form