Lab Members

Hanlee Ji, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Department of Medicine/Division of Oncology
Contact via Donna Galvez
Administrator Phone: (650) 721-1503

Alison Almeda, BS
Lab Manager
Desk: (650) 497-3619
Interests: Precision medicine, cancer genomics, hereditary syndromes, molecular diagnostics.

Donna Galvez
Senior Administrator to Hanlee Ji
Desk: (650) 721-1503

Stephanie Greer, MSc
Research Staff: Bioinformatics
Desk: (650) 497-2768
Interests: Computational Medicine, Cancer Genomics, Phased Genome Sequencing

Sue Grimes, BSc
Research Staff: Bioinformatics
Desk: 650-497-9706
Interests: Bioinformatic pipeline development, Microsatellite Analysis, Single cell RNA-Seq, Neoantigens

Lucas Johnson
IT: System Administrator
Desk: (650) 721-2891

Billy Lau, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar: Molecular Technology
Desk: (650) 721-5456
Interests: Cancer Genomics, NGS Technology Development, Phased Genome Sequencing, Single-cell RNA Sequencing

HoJoon Lee, PhD
Research Staff: Data Science
Lab: (650) 721-1031
Interests: Cancer Data Analysis, Precision Medicine, Imunogenomics, Neoantigens

Lincoln Nadauld, MD/PhD
Director of Cancer Genomics, Intermountain Healthcare
Director of Translational Cancer Research in Ji Group / Intermountain Healthcare Cancer Initiative

Anuja Sathe, MBBS, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar: Cancer Biology
Lab: (650) 721-1031
Interests: Precision Medicine, Intratumor Heterogeneity, Treatment Resistance, Single-cell RNA Sequencing, Organoid Models

GiWon Shin, PhD
Research Staff: Molecular Technology
Desk: (650) 721-5460
Interests: NGS Technology Development, Molecular Diagnostics, Microsatellite Analysis, CRISPR

Dmitri Pavlichin, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow: Physics
Lab: (650) 721-1031
Interests: Genomic sequence data analysis using kmer graphs and data compression, information theory, and bioinformatics

Quan Nguyen, PhD
Visiting Research Scholar: Biomedical Machine Learning
Interests: Single-cell research, biomedical machine learning

Ana Maria Aparicio
Research Staff: Life Science Research Support
Lab: (650) 721-5460
Interests: Molecular analysis of cancer

Anna Hooker, BS
Research Staff: Molecular Technology
Lab: (650) 721-5460
Interests: Cancer genomics, immunology, personalized medicine, targeted gene therapy

Carlos Ivan Iyala, MD, PhD
Post Doctoral Fellow
Lab: (650) 721-1031
Interests: Cancer genomics, Precision medicine, cancer biology


Heonseok Kim, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar: Molecular Technology
Lab: (650) 497-2729
NGS Technology Development, CRISPR, Single-cell Sequencing, Molecular Diagnostics


Sharmili Roy, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar: Molecular Technology
Interests: Digital DNA Data storage, NGS technology Development, Molecular diagnostics


Xiangqi Bai, PhD
Visiting Scholar: Statistics and Data Science
Lab: (650) 721-1013
Interests: Single-cell RNA/DNA analysis, Cancer genomics and Statistical model.


Marie Schauer, BS in progress
Research Assistant
Interests: Personalized medicine, cancer biology, immunotherapy, single-cell research